SEO: Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?:

Introduction to SEO

SEO is the process of improving a website to rank well in search engine results.
It also improves the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines.
It’s a subset of search engine marketing also includes advertising.
SEO is marketing by understanding how search algorithms work and what human visitors might search.

Search Engine Functions

Let’s check that how SEO works
  1. We need to discuss business objectives with clients.
  2. We can begin with an initial keyword analysis (Link)
  3. Identify the home page and keyword combination.
  4. Process and get approval from the client for Keyword/Landing pages.
  5. Finalize ranking and traffic reports and starts with the SEO process.
  6. In this step, you need to do on-site & off-site optimization activities.
  7. Detailed recommendation documents.
  8. Implement your predecided SEO methods.
  9. Perform monitoring and optimizing.


It helps you to measure the success of SEO
  • Keyword ranking.
  • Website traffic.
  • Creating an impression of your website.
  • Increased Revenue/keyword.
  • Lower dependence on Paid Search.
  • Lowering the cost per acquisition.

Types of SEO

There are mainly three types of SEO techniques used to achieve the best ranking in search engines:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO

On-Page SEO

In On-Page optimization, you need to put the keyword phrase in the title tag and meta description. Also, need to have effective keyword usage in titles, headings, and site structures along with internal and external links. Our team will get that expected traffic by maintaining the below tasks to rank your site and business to the best level.
  • Title and meta tags
  • Anchor text
  • Image optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Content optimization
  • XML sitemap
  • Robot.txt

Off-Page SEO

In this method, need to perform particular tasks outside of your web pages to increase your search engine position. There are mainly below a checklist that will do the job
  • Guest Blogging
  • 404 Link Building
  • PDF Links
  • Resource Link Building
  • Forum or Q & A sites
  • Slide and Video
  • Creation & Sharing
  • Link Requests

Technical SEO

The main aim of technical SEO is to optimize the infrastructure of a website. Famous online shopping portals like Amazon, and Alibaba use this method to get the highest search engine ranking.
Here are some important tips/checklists for Technical SEO
  • You need to specify a preferred domain in Google Search Console and WordPress
  • Optimize your robots.txt and 404 page
  • Optimize your URL Structure
  • Rethink your navigation and website structure
  • Add schema markup for breadcrumbs
  • Add structured data to your homepage
  • Add structured data to your posts
  • Add structured data to other pages
  • Check all your canonical URLs and analyze them with the help of Google analytics
  • Submit your XML sitemap to Google and Bing search engines
  • Check the loading speed of your website
  • Check the mobile-friendliness of your website
  • Check your pagination and multilingual settings

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is an internet-based software that helps us to search an index of documents for a certain definition, phrase, or text. It is mostly used to refer to large web-based search engines that search through billions of pages on the internet.

How Does Search Engine Work?

Now in this SEO Tutorial, we will learn how Search Engines work
Search engine function in four different parts:
  1. Crawling: The process starts with a crawler, which reads all the information from the webpage on the website.
  2. Indexing: This method index your web page and its linked pages in search engine results.
  3. Relevancy: In this next process algorithm, compute the relevancy of website pages in their index to the search string.
  4. Retrieving Results: In this step, you will get the result of your web pages according to a relevant search query.

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