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The healthcare sector comes across unheard-of difficulties. The challenges include poor supply chains, low-profit margins, and soaring R&D costs. Compliance requisite is a significant concern too. The solution helps harness the power of cutting-edge digital technology to automate healthcare. With technology, one can optimize operations, enable data-driven decisions, and expand innovation. Also, assuring the lowest possible risks, redundancies, and costs.


It is where TTF Company comes to your rescue. In today’s world of rapid change, TTF excels at offering IT Healthcare Solutions. We bring tech-enabled solutions that empower stakeholders across the ecosystem. We also deliver individualized, effective technology at the speed of change.

Electronic Health Records {EHR}

An EHR System Is a Digital Version of a Patient’s Medical History, Including:
Developing an Electronic Health Record System requires a team of experienced developers. With healthcare professionals, we ensure the system is secure. Also, we maintain compliance with privacy and industry standard regulations.
At TTF, we simplify the complex process. Our comprehensive EHR System is well-defined with scope, technical requirements, and testing. Our interactive user interface is a bonus. We also cater to monitoring your systems after deployment. It ensures your software is well-managed and complies with regulations, at all hours.
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Mobile Health Apps

For hospitals and medical entities, Mobile Health Apps are a contemporary need. You can offer improved accessibility, and a personalized health management system. But these apps must have unique features that set them apart from other apps.
At TTF, we provide exclusive applications with distinctive features. We cater with advanced technical ability, with engaging app designs. Our applications are fast and responsive, with Healthcare Analytics embedded in the application. It can integrate with Patient Monitoring Software and Personal Health Records (PHR). Further, Patient Engagement Software and Medical Scheduling Ability provide an enhanced personalized experience.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows different healthcare professionals to share patient health information.
Our HIE system enables healthcare professionals to share patient health information. Regardless of where the patient is receiving care. Professionals can access and exchange important patient data using our HIE system. Such as medical records, lab results, and other clinical information. This can help improve patient care, reduce errors, and improve health outcomes.
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