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The HR industry is undergoing a rapid transformation due to technological advancements. With TTF’s tech support team by your side, you can stay ahead of the curve. Our HR solutions can help you automate repetitive tasks. Also, save your time by using an Applicant Tracking System.
Utilizing technology not only results in improved efficiency but also decreased expenses. It can also boost employee involvement. With TTF, you can easily install HR Management Software or develop an HR mobile app. Our team of experts has the necessary expertise to provide you with the Best HR Solutions.


Human Resource Management System [HRMS]

HRMS helps organizations manage their employee data and HR operations. It includes various features for employee information management. Such as payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, Benefits Administration Software, and performance management. An HRMS streamlines HR processes. It also increases efficiency and improves accuracy in managing employee data.
At TTF, our HRMS provides you with a comprehensive solution to manage your employee data. And streamline your HR operations. TTF’s HRMS automates HR tasks and maintains accurate employee data. It also enhances employee engagement and provides customizable solutions. You can simplify your HR operations and make informed decisions. You can also improve employee satisfaction with our HRMS.
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Payroll Software

Payroll Software automates various processes. such as calculating and managing employee salaries, wages, bonuses, and deductions. It allows companies to process payroll and generate pay checks for their employees.
We offer Payroll Software at TTF. It can help you streamline your payroll processing and reduce errors. With our Payroll Software, you can automate the calculation and payment of employee. You can also automate the calculation of taxes and deductions. This can save you time and money, and ensure compliance with payroll regulations. Our software is customizable, so you can tailor it to your specific needs.

Workforce Planning Software

Workforce Planning Software is a tool used by businesses to manage their workforce. We at TTF offer Workforce Planning Software. It helps organizations forecast their future staffing needs based on different factors. Such as anticipated growth and employee turnover. It can also assist in analyzing workforce data to identify potential skill gaps. And it also creates action plans to address them.
With TTF’s Workforce Planning Software, you can optimize your workforce. It ensures that you have the correct people. With the right skills in the right positions to meet your organizational goals.
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Workforce Planning Software | techtalentforce

Time And Attendance Software

This software helps organizations track the time and attendance of their employees. TTF provides this software to help organizations track their employees’ work hours. This Time And Attendance Software offers several benefits. Such as improved accuracy and errors in tracking employee hours.
It saves time by automating Time and Attendance Tracking. It also allows HR staff to focus on other critical tasks. The software ensures compliance with labour laws and regulations. It enhances productivity by providing accurate tracking and reporting of employee attendance. You can streamline attendance tracking processes with TTF’s Time and Attendance Software. You can also save time and ensure accurate records.

Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software is a tool that helps organizations track employee performance. At TTF, we offer this software. It can help you in several ways. Like improved communication, goal setting and tracking, performance evaluation, and training and development. The software enables regular communication between managers and employees. As it allows for ongoing feedback and discussions. It also helps set goals and track progress towards those goals. By providing employees with a clear understanding of expectations and driving performance.
Additionally, the software facilitates the performance evaluation process. And allows managers to track employee performance. It can also identify areas where employees need improvement. It provides training and development opportunities to address those areas. Such as improved communication, Goal setting and tracking, Performance evaluation, training, and development.
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Benefits of HR software with TTF

Increased efficiency by automating repetitive HR tasks.

Automating repetitive HR tasks can significantly increase efficiency within an organization. By leveraging technology and automated systems, HR professionals can streamline administrative processes, minimize manual effort, and focus on more strategic initiatives. This offers numerous benefits, including time savings, reduced errors, enhanced employee experience, improved compliance, data analytics capabilities, and scalability.

Improved data accuracy by maintaining up-to-date employee data.

By automating the maintenance of employee data, organizations can significantly improve accuracy. Real-time updates, integration with data sources, standardized data entry, validation checks, audit trails, and data security measures all contribute to ensuring that employee data remains accurate and up-to-date. This, in turn, enables HR departments to make informed decisions, provide accurate reporting, and deliver better services to employees.

Enhanced employee engagement through self-service options and access to personal data

Enhancing employee engagement is a key goal for organizations, and providing self-service options and access to personal data can contribute significantly to achieving this objective. By empowering employees through self-service options, HR professionals can shift their focus from administrative tasks to strategic initiatives.

Customizable solutions tailored to specific organizational needs

Customizable solutions tailored to specific organizational needs provide numerous advantages, including alignment with organizational goals, flexibility, scalability, streamlined processes, enhanced user experience, integration with existing systems, and cost-effectiveness. By customizing, organizations can optimize their HR operations, improve efficiency, and better support their workforce, ultimately driving organizational success.

Streamlined recruitment and onboarding processes

Streamlined recruitment and onboarding processes offer numerous benefits, including faster time-to-hire, enhanced candidate experience, improved hiring quality, seamless onboarding, consistent experiences, and cost savings. By leveraging technology, optimizing workflows, and focusing on efficiency, organizations can attract top talent, accelerate the onboarding process, and set new employees up for success in their roles.

Enhanced collaboration within HR teams and across the organization.

Enhanced collaboration within HR teams and across the organization offers numerous benefits, including cross-functional alignment, knowledge sharing, integrated problem-solving, effective communication and feedback, alignment with organizational objectives, and cross-departmental collaboration.


TTF offers a wide range of HR Software Solutions. These help businesses of various sizes streamline their HR processes. They also help in increasing efficiency through Employee Engagement Software. TTF’s Software Solutions can meet each organisation’s unique needs. By partnering with TTF, businesses can benefit in many ways. They can save time, reduce costs, and improve the HR management experience.
We also offer exclusive tech solutions for HR and Health industry.


Workforce planning software assists organizations in forecasting their future staffing needs based on factors like anticipated growth and employee turnover. It helps analyze workforce data to identify potential skill gaps and create action plans to address them.
HR software, such as an HRMS, offers several benefits to businesses. It automates repetitive HR tasks, increasing efficiency and saving time. It improves data accuracy by maintaining up-to-date employee information. HR software also enhances employee engagement through self-service options and access to personal data.
Yes, HR software development can be beneficial for small businesses. Customized HR software solutions can help small businesses automate HR processes, improve efficiency, and provide a centralized platform to manage employee data, payroll, leave management, and other HR functions.
HR software development focuses on ensuring data security and confidentiality. This includes implementing encryption protocols, access controls, regular backups, and adherence to industry best practices for data protection. By working with the TTF team, you can ensure that proper security measures are in place.
Yes, HR software development can be integrated with other existing systems, such as payroll systems, time and attendance systems, and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. The integration eliminates the need for manual data entry with seamless data flow across systems.
HR software development can improve employee engagement by providing self-service options, allowing employees to access and update their personal information, facilitating communication and feedback between managers and employees, and offering tools for goal setting, performance tracking, and career development.
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