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Software testing or quality assurance is an integral part of any application in today’s competitive era of technology.
The testing world is moving at a very quicker pace with technological advancements in order to ensure “quality at the speed of light”.
Testing in Software Engineering is a process of evaluating a software product to find whether the current software product meets the required conditions or not. The testing process involves evaluating the features of the software product for requirements in terms of any missing requirements, bugs or errors, security, reliability and performance.

Testing services, we offer

Manual testing

Manual testing is the heart of testing and is the base for the Automation testing. Though automation is the technical advancement, manual intervention is must for any application to find out related issues in very early stage of development.
Owing to our meticulous test cases and plans, the software tested by us is sure to be reliable, quality rich and full proof, be it in-house, third party testing services or custom development.

Web app testing

Web Testing, or website testing is checking your web application or website for potential bugs before its made live and is accessible to general public. Web Testing checks for functionality, usability, security, compatibility, performance of the web application or website.
To fulfil web testing following testing types/technique would be performed depending on your web testing requirements:
Above are basic testing techniques for any web app, but depending on application requirement other techniques will be applied too.

Mobile app testing

There are millions of application designed for Android and iOS platforms that need to be tested. Our QA team will give you ultimate solution and suggestions with their seamless user experience.
Above are basic testing techniques for any web app, but depending on application requirement other techniques will be applied too.

Automation testing

Testing which is done by different automation tools that validates if specified functionalities are meeting requirements or not based on developed scripts and codes. This code can be reuse for repetitive testing and no manual intervention required for each iteration which saves time and gives accuracy.
Automation is useful for regression testing where all functionalities needs to be check in given time line.
Our trained team will provide which tool needs to be use for particular project.

API testing

API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of procedures and functions that allow interaction between two components of a software application. It accesses the features and data of an operating system, application, or other services. In that sense, an API is essentially a tool for developers to communicate or fetch data with a certain application.
API testing is done to check whether the output that comes from the first application/database is correct and well-structured and useful to another application. API testing is used to determine the return value (response).

QA and Testing process that we follow

Test management/documentation

  • Test Plan/Strategy designing: Detailed test plan which contains test strategy/methodology, objectives, schedule, estimations, deadlines, and the resources required for completing that particular project.
  • Test Tools recommendation: Every project have different requirement, depending upon those needs our team will suggest optimum tool which can be used. There are test management tools as well as test automation tools; whichever is best for the particular project will be used.
  • Test cases: Test case is a information that has a set of exact test steps, data, preconditions, expected results and actual results, developed for a particular test scenario in order to verify compliance against a specific requirement.
  • Test closure documents: Test Closure is a document that gives a summary of all the tests conducted during the software development life cycle, and analysis of the resolved defects. In short, Test Closure is a memo that is prepared prior to formally completing the testing process which contains a report of test cases executed, type and number of defects found, the density of defects, etc.

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