In my 15 years of experience as a tech consultant for numerous global entrepreneurs, I’ve encountered some of the most successful individuals in business while working with them.
They always focus on the important steps that generate revenue for their ventures at a higher priority. Moreover, they excel at delegating their daily tasks, showcasing their visionary approach by entrusting responsibilities to those who excel in their respective fields.
They not only outsource their tech operations to the companies providing software development offshore services but also plan to set up an Offshore Development Center in geographies that provide the right balance of growth and cost benefits.
Many Western technology companies desire to establish operations in Asian countries during their expansion stage. This choice is motivated by the notion that expanding their workforce beyond the United States or Europe will provide a significant cost-benefit advantage as they scale in the long run by setting up an Offshore Development Center outside. This is quite a common trend followed by growth companies looking for long-term sustainability.
Consider yourself a business owner investing in employees and development costs to suit the needs of your clients and customers.
Then one day, you come across a company proposal that proposes investing fewer resources while potentially raising revenues. Wouldn’t be it a better option? That better option is called the ODC Offshore Development Center.
Companies like to invest in Offshore Software Development since it yields the best results with the least amount of effort. The initial cost of establishing the Dedicated Offshore Development Center and going through legal procedures can seem expensive. However, once the business is up and moving, substantial profits are almost guaranteed.
To understand why firms, create a Dedicated Offshore Development Center, you need to understand what is an ODC? and why they are beneficial.
In addition, you should understand the distinction between offshore development centers and the companies providing Software Development Offshore services.
After reading this blog, you’ll understand why countries like India are the preferred destination for companies planning to scale and be sustainable by having an offshore software development center.

What is an ODC?

From the inception of Tech Talent Force, I’ve consistently urged the prospects and clients I encounter to consider me and my team as a fair, long-term partner rather than just another Offshore Development Company. We achieve this by offering transparent services and prompt support, ensuring I remain available for extended hours to meet their needs.
An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is an industry-specific facility set up by a company in a different country from its headquarters. Typically, an ODC operates as a remote extension of the parent company’s activities, housing teams of trained individuals specializing in software development, IT services, or other technical responsibilities. Companies frequently establish ODCs in countries with good economic conditions and vast talent pools, such as India or the Philippines, to capitalize on cost savings and access to highly trained professionals.
ODCs allow organizations to broaden their development capabilities, reduce timelines for projects, and access global talent while keeping control over project management and quality standards. This offshore approach promotes cross-border collaboration, enabling enterprises to scale operations and fulfill the demands of a continuously changing market scenario.
I hope you are clear about what is an ODC.

Difference between a Dedicated Offshore Development Center and an Offshore Development Company

A Dedicated Offshore Development Center and an Offshore Development Company represent distinct models for outsourcing technical work to overseas locations.
A Dedicated Offshore Development Center is a customized facility established by a company in another country to exclusively serve the needs of that company. It functions as an extension of the parent company’s operations, with dedicated teams working solely on the parent company’s projects and under its management.
In contrast, an Offshore Development Company is a third-party service provider that offers its development services to multiple clients. It operates independently and manages its resources, projects, and client relationships.
While both models offer cost-effective solutions and access to global talent, a DODC provides greater control and integration with the parent company’s processes, whereas an ODC offers more flexibility and diverse expertise catering to various clients and industries.
Tech Talent Force operates as a dynamic platform connecting companies with vetted offshore development teams, offering the flexibility of an Offshore Development Company with the customization and control of a Dedicated Offshore Development Center. Through its unique approach, Tech Talent Force empowers businesses to access top-tier offshore talent seamlessly while maintaining oversight and engagement throughout the development process.

Reasons, why Businesses are Choosing Offshore Development Centers

Over the past five years, my team at Tech Talent Force has encountered at least 10 global accounts consistently outsourcing their tech projects to India, managed by multiple vendors. Upon collaborating with us at Tech Talent Force, we ensured the selection of very high-quality developers for their projects, eventually establishing ourselves as their trusted tech partner.
With a group of my developer team members working closely with them in an ODC structure, we ensure a long-term win-win situation for both sides. Therefore, we serve as a comprehensive one-stop solution for these global accounts.
While my previous statement likely clarified why companies opt for ODCs, let me theoretically outline the reasons why businesses are choosing Offshore Development Centers (ODCs):

The challenges associated with managing an Offshore Development Center

Managing an Offshore Development Center (ODC) presents several challenges, including:

Addressing these challenges requires proactive planning, effective communication strategies, and a strong focus on building trust and collaboration among all team members, regardless of their geographical location.
To prevent such situations, I consistently ensure that every ODC opportunity we undertake includes a core team member from our leadership team. This ensures that our clients receive the best talent from our company, overseeing projects and deliveries. We recognize that by collaborating closely with our clients, we are representing not only our company but also theirs to their end clients. In today’s business landscape, we must operate as a cohesive team, sharing our clients’ vision and working together to achieve mutual success. It has become our DNA while providing Offshore Development Services for ages.


Establishing an Offshore Development Center is a decision that requires careful consideration. Before setting up an Offshore Software Development Center, a company must evaluate numerous parameters. As highlighted in the blog, companies opt for India for Offshore Development due to its cost savings and diverse skills.
The concept of Offshore Software Development was introduced to maximize benefits from existing resources. Companies perceive Outsourcing and Offshoring as advantageous strategies for their business operations.
If you’re considering establishing an Offshore Software Development Center in India and feel uncertain about where to begin, reach out to me at Tech Talent Force. I’ll personally guide you through the do’s and don’ts of setting up an ODC, drawing from diverse experiences and references. I’ll also assist you in finding the right resources to join your team so that together, we can achieve your goals with our quality offshore development services.